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(Ibibio Dialect Made Easy to Speak)

14259833 multicultural children reading bookStudents or learners are asked easy – to- answer questions that require them to speak about their daily lives. Basic sounds of Ibibio words are added or voiced over each given word to aid in speaking pronunciation proficiency.

All lessons are built on a clearly focused content topic. Ibibio Dialect Made Easy consists of six lessons. Each lesson contains step-by-step sequence of elements designed to give the students the feeling that they can have fun learning and speaking Ibibio dialect with confidence.


CertificateAll lessons must be taken in the order they are presented, that is, you cannot take the quiz for lesson two unless you have taken (and passed) the quiz for lesson one. At the end of the course, you will be able to download, fill out and print a Certificate of Completion!

First, let us look at the vowels in Ibibio. These vowels will be your foundation upon which you will be able to build your speaking skills in Ibibio dialect. Each of the vowels comes with a voice over to enable you get the exact pronunciation. On the left sidebar you will find all the lessons and quizzes you need to complete this course.

Good luck. Don’t give up. 


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Dr. Godwin G. Umoh

Mr. Imeh Akpan - Syllabus Creator

Mrs. Nse Eyo - Voice Over

Mr. Ime Udombang - Web Designer



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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Ibibio Dictionary

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Please help support our cause.  All donations are tax deductible

We thank you immensely  for your tax deductible donation!

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